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An electronic project whithout any regret with the past, drawing new landscapes in the field of electro-wave music, with a delicate vintage touch, looking to the best coldwave school from the Eighties. Catching melodies, pause, dualism. Man, woman. Escape! Calm...
Music developes different kind of sounds and rhythms in which "FANTASIA MECCANICA" is able to fuse mind and heart: a brand new chapter of Italian electronic music. "Fantasia Meccanica" including 2 tracks featuring THE FROZEN AUTUMN on voice (first time sing in Italian!) and synth/electronics!!!
Fantasia Meccanica combines a tasteful pinch of vintage 80’s style electro and new wave. The strengths and quirks of these various genres are harnessed delicately and exhibited freely within each track. While the band embraces the past and future of electro music with their thoughtfully constructed darker sounding new wave debut, they retain their signature sound throughout the album that makes for a unique twist. Although Hidden Place’s electro sound today is more modern and melodic, their brilliantly executed first endeavor, Fantasia Meccanica, is a refreshing return to a sonically colder sound that teeters on then and now.
2 editions of this CD album:
- with Hellektrompire (2007)
- with Twilight Records (2011)

01:"Spazio Zero"
02:"Window Sill"
03:"Picture Hall"
04:"Notturno Italiano"
06:"Spazio Zero" (The Frozen Autumn-rmx)
07:"Climax Soul"
08:"United (In the name of memory)"
09:"Centre of my mind"
10:"Spazio Zero" (vocal edition, The Frozen Autumn rmx - Voice: Diego Merletto)


released 20 November 2007

Twilight Records



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